Truck Rear Half Window Tint Kit

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Manufactured by: D&L Window Films
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Preceission Cut Specifically for YOUR Truck

This kit will include Custom, Pre-Cut Tint for the Complete Rear Half windows.
(Excluding windsheild, front driver & passenger windows and sunroof)

This kit includes:

  • Pre-Cut Rear Driver and Passenger Sides
  • Any Cargo/Wing/Vent Windows
  • One Piece Rear Window(Rear Sliders patterns available)
  • Link to Detailed instructional Installation Video

Our computers do the hard part for you, cutting the tint with factory precession!

Available Tint Shades


  1. Specify the YEARMAKE, and MODEL of your vehicle in the message area of the payment page.
  2. Specify if your vehicle is a 2DR(coupe or pickup), 4DR(sedan, pickup, SUV, or crossover), HATCH, or WAGON in the message area of the payment page.
  3. If your vehicle is a truck, specify 1500, 2500, or 3500 and Standard, Extended(Double), or Crew(Quad) Cab in the message area of the payment page.
  4. Specify the Tint Shade desired in the message area of the payment page. If you do not specify a tint shade, you will receive 20%.
  5. Third brake lights and defrosters will NOT be cut out unless specified by the buyer and only if the pattern is available.
  6. If you order a tint kit that we do not have the pattern for, you will be refunded promptly within 2 business days.



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